Release Notes

Release notes for the FreeNAS 9.10 API.


  • Resources removed
  • SSL: /api/v1.0/system/ssl/

Release notes for the FreeNAS 9.3 API.


  • Resources added
  • Jails: /api/v1.0/jails/jails/
  • Jails Configuration: /api/v1.0/jails/configuration/
  • Jails Mountpoints: /api/v1.0/jails/mountpoints/
  • Jails Templates: /api/v1.0/jails/templates/
  • Services Domain Controller: /api/v1.0/services/domaincontroller/
  • Services LLDP: /api/v1.0/services/lldp/
  • Storage Permission: /api/v1.0/storage/permission/
  • System Reboot: /api/v1.0/system/reboot/ (existed since 9.2.1 but undocumented)
  • System Shutdown: /api/v1.0/system/shutdown/ (existed since 9.2.1 but undocumented)
  • System Version: /api/v1.0/system/version/
  • Endpoints added to existing resources
  • Volume resource to upgrade zpool version: /api/v1.0/storage/volume/(string:name)/upgrade/
  • CronJob resource to run a job on demand: /api/v1.0/tasks/cronjob/(int:id)/run/
  • Rsync resource to run a job on demand: /api/v1.0/tasks/rsync/(int:id)/run/


  • Fields added
  • account User resource: bsdusr_sshpubkey
  • network Global Configuration resource: gc_httpproxy
  • service AFP resource: afp_srv_bindip, afp_srv_global_aux
  • service CIFS resource: cifs_srv_domain_logons, cifs_srv_obey_pam_restrictions, cifs_SID
  • service Dynamic DNS resource: ddns_ipserver
  • service NFS resource: nfs_srv_v4
  • service iSCSI extent resource: iscsi_target_extent_insecure_tpc, iscsi_target_extent_naa
  • sharing CIFS: cifs_home
  • sharing NFS: nfs_security
  • storage Replication resource: repl_compression, repl_remote_cipher
  • system Settings resource: stg_guihttpsredirect, stg_wizardshown
  • system Tunable resource: tun_type
  • directory service ActiveDirectory resource: ad_certfile, ad_enable, ad_keytab, ad_ssl, ad_use_keytab
  • directory service LDAP resource: ldap_binddn, ldap_enable, ldap_sudosuffix, ldap_use_default_domain, ldap_idmap_backend
  • directory service NIS resource: nis_enable
  • directory service NT4 resource: nt4_enable, nt4_idmap_backend, nt4_use_default_domain

Backwardly incompatible changes

  • Resources removed
  • Admin Password resource has been removed: /api/v1.0/system/adminpassword/ . It has been replaced by users passwords in 9.2.
  • Admin User resource has been removed: /api/v1.0/system/adminuser/ . Since 9.2 the “root” user is the admin.
  • Sysctl resource has been removed: /api/v1.0/system/sysctl/ . Sysctl has been merged into /api/v1.0/system/tunable/
  • Fields removed
  • Active Directory resource: ad_workgroup
  • CIFS service resource: cifs_srv_homedir, cifs_srv_homedir_browseable_enable, cifs_srv_homedir_enable, cifs_srv_homedir_aux
  • Settings resource: stg_directoryservice
  • Replication resource: repl_remote_fast_cipher
  • iSCST Target resource: iscsi_target_flags, iscsi_target_type
  • Fields renamed
  • directory service LDAP resource: ldap_rootbasedn -> ldap_basedn, ldap_rootbindpw -> ldap_bindpw, ldap_tls_cacertfile -> ldap_certfile
  • Resources renamed
  • CronJob resource moved from /api/v1.0/system/cronjob/ to /api/v1.0/tasks/cronjob/
  • InitShutdown resource moved from /api/v1.0/system/initshutdown/ to /api/v1.0/tasks/initshutdown/
  • Rsync resource moved from /api/v1.0/system/rsync/ to /api/v1.0/tasks/rsync/
  • SMARTTest resource moved from /api/v1.0/system/smarttest/ to /api/v1.0/tasks/smarttest/
  • ActiveDirectory resourced move from /api/v1.0/services/activedirectory/ to /api/v1.0/directoryservice/activedirectory/
  • LDAP resourced move from /api/v1.0/services/ldap/ to /api/v1.0/directoryservice/ldap/
  • NIS resourced move from /api/v1.0/services/nis/ to /api/v1.0/directoryservice/nis/
  • NT4 resourced move from /api/v1.0/services/nt4/ to /api/v1.0/directoryservice/nt4/